Personal Trainer

Nyisha Jordan

An experienced and gifted personal trainer who can support you to your goal of health and wellbeing.

Personal Training


Offers the individual the opportunity to explore themselves from a whole new perpective.  We know human beings are meant to exercise however for a varity of complex and conflicting reasons we often do not do physical exercise.  We often give ourselves a variety of reason as to why we should not or can not exercise:

  • I have not got the time!
  • It is superficial!
  • I'm tired!
  • I feel fine as I am!
  • I will do next week!
  • In the new year my resolution will be to join the gym!
  • .................


The list goes on.  Yet no matter the  reason when we see someone exercising, or eating well we can feel a pang of something, a sensation akin to 'guilt', which tells us maybe I should be doing some of that.  This feeling is not necessarily about the media and celebrities and the external look of the individual.  It is also about the calling of the body as well.  The body is an organism which calls out to us to be exercised and there are really basic reasons for that:

  • The body requires exercise to function effectively and efficiently;
  • The body if stretched and worked will aid us better in old age;
  • Our immune systems can be fortified by exercise and a balanced diet; and
  • It makes us feel good, generating a deep sense of well being within us.

Animals do not ordinarily requires exercise, because their very existence demands them to use their body in a challenging and demanding way. Our current lifestyle however often does not present the human body with the same opportunity to push itself to anything near its potential, and as a result the health benfits are lost. The consequence being:

  • Obesete;
  • Heart related issues;
  • Blood pressure; and
  • other serious conditions many of which are avoidable.

But one of the most important yet underated aspects of exercise is wellbeing, energy, the feel good factor that goes beyond preening oneself in front of the mirror.

Having a personal trainer or attending exercises can be the catalyst to improved lifestyle and improved relationships.







Taking time to look after you - will allow you more time to look after others. Wellbeing through exercise is a life long discovery! Enjoy


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